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Ashfall was reported in villages near the Tungurahua

By: Agencia EFE
Date: 05/12/2011

Banos population today dawned gray streets of the ash layer.

Ecuador Tungurahua volcano continues to be active and abundant today reported ashfall in nearby towns, said the Geophysical Institute of the National Polytechnic University.

“Since this morning there has been a pillar of emission with moderate to heavy load of ash that reached 1 km above the volcano’s summit and moves north and northeast,” explained the Geophysical Institute in a statement.

The ash affected, among others, the population of Bath, one of the resorts in the country and just curious where attracted by the activity of the Tungurahua.

This town with its streets today dawned gray with ash layer covering the tracks, so the villagers decided to clean the tracks with brooms helped further municipal machinery.

Felipe Martinez, a Spanish tourist who arrived in this town, told Efe in a telephone interview that “there are ashes everywhere,” so that “most people go with a mask.”

“It’s like when you’re near a construction site there are a lot of dust” in the air, he said.

Also reported an abundant ashfall in the town of Runtún.

From this morning in the Tungurahua volcano is a “generating sporadic roars moderate to low”, while maintaining a constant seismic activity tremor (tremor constant and small) interspersed with occasional explosions.

Tungurahua, located 135 kilometers from Quito, resumed its activities on Sunday 27 November, when four earthquakes recorded volcano-tectonic origin followed by two small and three large explosions, so that the Ecuadorian government activated the orange alert, the second after the red maximum.

Tungurahua, of 5,016 meters, current eruptive process began in 1999 and has since periods of high activity interspersed with periods of relative calm. EFE

For more information about reports about the daily ativity of the Tungurahua volcano click here.

Credit to: Revista Vistazo.

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