Baños Ecuador sitio de promoción turística de la ciudad.

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Banos Photos and why they are so unique.

Baños is a beautiful city but what makes this small village in the middle of the Andes so special is the nature surrounding the valley where the city sits today that is why banos photos are so valuable to its owners. The views can certainly leave breathless, the town is surrounded by big green hills from where you can male sure your banos photos remain memorable while stunning at the same time.

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No Banos photos are made complete without the volcano.

Here is an active volcano, called Tungurahua, white water waterfalls and hot springs are spread all over the region. Activities like rafting, kayaking or horse riding and even canopy in Banos are available the whole year. if you are a serious traveler and photographer then you just can not afford to miss adding some banos photos to your Album or photo collection.

The regions weather is very spring like with a short rainy season from october to December every year, however certainly sunny days happen every week, even during the rainy season. Baños sits next to the amazon region of Ecuador and Puyo, where the jungle will take your travel experience to the next level.

Here we share some Banos Photos for you to enjoy!

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