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 This directory will be always available for you while you stay and visit the city of Banos and Ecuador itself, always full of relevant information and details. We have listed here the best Hotels in Banos, the Travel Agents and Tourist Places and many more attractions to be found the city and surroundings

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We are here because you are one of the large quantity of tourists that visit the city of Banos in the province of Tungurahua in Ecuador, South America. There are a lot of reasons to visit and enjoy the city of Banos it is a strategically located city right in the heart of Ecuador, Banos is in the highlands but not far from the rest of regions that Ecuador can offer, fr example, from Banos you can travel to the Amazon region in just about 1 hour. Visit the capital of Ecuador Quito that is just 3-4 hours way from here. At the same time from Banos you can travel to the Coastal region of Ecuador which is just 4-5 hours away. Guayaquil is just 5 hours away from Banos.

As you can see visiting and traveling around Ecuador is not so difficult and far easier if you sit in Banos while you visit this beautiful South American country.

How do you pronounce the name Banos?

In Spanish the name is written as “Baños” and it sounds like “Banios” or in English: “Banyos”

We sincerely hope that you enjoy your stay in the city of Baños, please share this website with your freinds and colleagues surely they would love to see what Banos is like and maybe they will also come to visit us soon!

If you need specific support or if you have any questions or doubts about your trip please Contact us, we are team of devoted professionals willing and ready to serve, this is our missions to make of BanosEcuador.com the Portal of the Tourists visiting Ecuador.

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