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Banos Ecuador is the city business directory of Banos

Banos Ecuador Travel Guide.

We are very happy to offer our services to the beautiful and always vibrant city of Banos in Ecuador, South America, this website will help every tourist from all over the world heading to Baños to book accommodation, learn how to save and where to go once they visit the city.

This is an independent project looking to guide and help every tourist coming to visit the beautiful city of Banos.

Banos Ecuador is out of any doubt the most touristic city of this South American country.

Our Staff is always ready to assist ever tourist and person looking to visit Ecuador and specially Banos. Even when we are not travel agents nor we want to be one, we are a group of Banos Ecuador lovers and local people concerned about improving the average experience of the tourists and explorers visiting the city of Banos in Ecuador.

Ecuador receives over 1.2 million tourists every year and a huge percentage of them come to visit the city of Banos Ecuador which is located in the center of Ecuador, if you were to take a Map of Ecuador in your hand you could certainly spot Banos city located in the right center of the image.

The city is small but vibrant, full of life during the high season and holidays. The reason why people love banos ecuador so much it is because they love the spring weather all year around and the huge variety of activities such as rafting, canopy, bungee jumping, relaxing baths in termal waters, ecuadorian cuisine restaurants, all night long really active bars and pubs, and much more activities to do.

Some other activities for tourists enjoying Banos are, horse riding, watching the volcano during its active nights, go carts riding and trips, handicrafts shopping, jungle touring, etc.

Tourists visiting Banos Ecuador have plenty of activities to do, from rafting in the wild Pastaza river to relaxing in Five stars Spa’s.

banos ecuador city view in a wool handicraft

Banos Ecuador

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  1. Bryan Thomas, 6 años hace

    Hi, I loved my stay in Banos here, I am back home now and I am sitting in my office thinking of my latest trip. Today I just stumbled again on this website and took a second look to BanosEcuador.com this is a very helpful site, it helped me before and after my trip. I loved Ecuador it is just unique in its own way..!

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