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Banos Ecuador web portal is soon to be officially launched

Banos Ecuador

Dear Banos Ecuador, friends!

Very soon our web directory and tourims portal will be laucnhed in a special event in the City of Baños Ecuador, where all the authorities and more buinsses related to the touristic industry in Banos will be present. if you would like to assist to this event please let us know by using the Contact Banos Ecuador Staff link provided here.

Hotel Marketing Conference for Hotel and Hostel owners of Banos Ecuador offered.

The Conference about Internet Marketing for Tourism related Companies will be held in the Camara de Turismo de Banos Hall. on November the 30th this year.

Conference Update: February, 13:

Hotel Internet Marketing for Banos Ecuador Entrepreneurs.

We want to thank all the tourist industry related entrepreneurs from Banos Ecuador that joined the conference offered just a few weeks ago by our manager the Emp. Dave Villacreses, we had a nice time together and we sincerely hope the knowledge shared with you all will point you in the right direction toward the improvement of the tourist services offered in the city.

We are already planning our next meeting and we are full of ideas and new information we are eager to share with all you next time we see each other in another free training or conference offered by us there in Banos Ecuador again.

Some people asked why we decided to start this project? and we answer every time, because banos ecuador is the top tourist destination of Ecuador it just makes perfect sense to start such a project in a city like Banos (Banios)

Realizing this new banos ecuador travel guide for the benefit of everyone related to Banos and its tourism has been a great effort and required a lot of constance and devotion and we are finally seeing the fruits of all this efforts that without your support and sincere comments would have remained as a dream of us only. Thanks all!


Banos Ecuador

Best regards.

Dave Villacreses

BanosEcuador.com The independent project for banos ecuador and its tourists.

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