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The Hotels in the city

Hotels, booking and planning

Banos city is currently the most popular and appealing tourist destination in
Ecuador, South America. A visit to this idyllic town will give you an opportunity to
enjoy temperate weather conditions in a small town atmosphere, whilst exploring
the sights of cascading waterfalls, volcano eruptions, lush green mountains
and steaming thermal baths. Read to find out about the best time visit and the
options available for booking Banos Ecuador Hotels.

city view with hotels

When booking hotels and visiting Banos Ecuador, it’s always a good idea to
choose accommodation in close proximity to popular attractions, night clubs,
restaurants, shops and everything that you will need to have a fun filled trip.

Why you should book hotels when visiting Banos

You will discover a myriad of options to choose from when looking for hotels in
Baños. The hotels usually cater to visitors who can afford to spend a little more in
order to enjoy onsite amenities like swimming pools, saunas, games rooms and

However, most of the hotels are exceptionally affordable with options available to
match every budget. If you want to take advantage of high-quality and affordable
hotel accommodation, you should plan your trip outside of the Ecuadorian
holiday period. During the holidays the rates are higher, because locals and
tourists travel to Banos in numbers to enjoy the alluring climate and exciting

In addition to Baños Ecuador hotels, there are other options available for holiday
accommodations. These include hostels, inns, Bed & Breakfast, lodges and more.

Booking Banos Ecuador Hotels

It’s always a good idea to book your hotel accommodation well in advance if you
want to visit Banos during the holiday season. When booking hotels for your
Banos holiday, you can do everything online. There are many travel websites
available with comprehensive listings of hotels as well as information on the top
attractions and activities. You can make use of these services to find and make
reservations for the best hotel in Banos.

When to book hotels and visit Banos Ecuador

With spring-like weather conditions all year round, you can plan a trip to visit
this destination at anytime. Even if the weather is cloudy, you will get a pleasant
atmosphere to enjoy the outdoor activities. Baños tends to be extremely crowded
on weekends, so a visit during the week will be ideal if hoping to spend a peaceful
holiday in Ecuador.

Now, you cannot visit Banos without exploring the popular attractions. Some
of the attractions include The Basilica church featuring a museum; local art
galleries; over 60 waterfalls; San Martin Zoo; famous hot springs flowing from the
Tungurahua volcano site and much more.

There are also many exciting activities such as trekking, mountain climbing,
horseback riding, mountain biking, rafting on the Pastaza River, bungee jumping,
kayaking, canyoning and jungle tours to Amazon rain forest, just to name a few.

Banos Ecuador definitely boasts something for everyone to have a wonderful
holiday. Don’t forget to book one of the Banos Ecuador hotels in advance to enjoy
all that this destination has to offer!

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