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Imagine Ecuador.

Imagine Ecuador is a Travel Agency and tour Operator with German-Ecuadorian management based in Baños offering you unique trips all over Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands. We are specialized in outdoor adventures like Whitewater Rafting, Kayaking School and Courses, Canyoning, Rock Climbing, Paragliding, Zip Lining, Biking, Trekking, Mountain Climbing, Bridge Jumping and Horse Back Riding as well as Amazon Rainforest Jungle Tours to the Cuyabeno Reserve, Yasuni National Park, Tena and Puyo, Galapagos Tours and Cruises, Island Hopping, Flight and offer tailor-made tours, Honeymoon Tours, Familiy Vacations for individual travelers or groups according to your special needs. We provide personalized and reliable service in Spanish, English and German. Our mission is to enable you to spend the vacation in Ecuador you have always dreamt of – close to nature, full of extraordinary experiences and cultural insights…simply a unique experience you will never forget!


Imagine Ecuador, who we are?

Imagine Ecuador Tour Operator has developed, organized, and delivered top-quality adventure tours in one of the world´s hotspots of biodiversity. Today, Imagine Ecuador covers all regions of the country (Andes, Amazon, Coast & Galapagos), providing a combination of quality, comfort, and value that has made us one of Ecuador´s favored tour agencies.

Imagine Ecuador strives to provide only distinctive travel experiences, unmatched by creativity, safety, professionalism, and attention to detail. Our office staff skillfully handles every detail of even the toughest itineraries – letting you focus on enjoying the natural and cultural distinctiveness of Ecuador.

With Imagine Ecuador you are safe at all times!

Imagine Ecuador is the only company in Baños certified by the Ministry of Tourism to sell Galapagos Tours and Cruises including flights.

Safety is always our primary concern. Years of experience, combined with carefully planned safety procedures and contingency plans, form the backbone of our successful operation from rock climbing, to biking or canyoning we make sure your safety is first at all times. A comprehensive safety briefing is given at the start of every trip and each adventurer is trained in the paddling, cycling, or riding techniques needed to safely navigate Ecuador´s often challenging terrain, rafting Ecuador included.

Our equipment is professional grade and top-of-the-line, specialized to withstand the rigors of adventure sports and designed to ensure maximum safety´, comfort and enjoyment. We provide kayaking school and courses, with all the necessary personal protective equipment: high-flotation life jackets, high-impact helmets, lightweight paddles, throw ropes, water bottles, splash jackets, and more, all the equipment is provided every time, based on the type of activity and weather. All trips include a complete first aid kit, stocked to the standards of a medical emergency response team.

Imagine Ecuador -Tours and Activities in Baños:

kayaking shool and courses

Whitewater Rafting in Ecuador is a unique experience and at the same time an exciting adventure. Warm water, tropical rainforest and dozens of accessible rivers concentrated in such a small area have made Ecuador a unique place for rafters and kayakers.

  • Whitewater Rafting Baños
  • Canyoning
  • Rock Climbing
  • Paragliding
  • Biking
  • Zip Lining
  • Bridge Jumping
  • Mountain Climbing
  • Trekking
  • Horse Back Riding


Amazon Rainforest Jungle Tours:

The Amazon is one of the wonders of our planet, which contains an abundance of unique flora and fauna. More than 25,000 species of Amazonian plants contribute 20% of the oxygen that exists in the atmosphere of the earth.- In addition to that, 66% of all of the world’s fresh water can be found here.- It is a rainforest of unique beauty, which contains an incredible diversity of species of plants and animals, beyond comparison elsewhere in the world.

  • Primary Jungle:
  1. Cuyabeno Reserve
  2. Yasuni National Park
  • Secondary Jungle:
  1. Tena
  2. Puyo

monkey, puyo, tena anaconda, amazon jungle tours, cuyabeno, yasuni

Galapagos Tours and Cruises.


Imagine Ecuador: Tour Operator Ecuador & Galapagos Islands:
  1. Flights
  2. Galapagos Tours
  3. Cruises
  4. Last minute deals

galapgos sea lion oceanspray-exterior-noon iguana-galapagos


We present Galapagos as an affordable and memorable experience for your holiday!

  • Contact us Today:

Address: 16 de Diciembre, between Montalvo and Luis A. Martinez Streets
Baños – Tungurahua – Ecuador | Imagine Ecuador Tour Operators
Phone: + 593 – 032743472
Cell Phone. + 593 – 0987286625
P.O. Box EC180250

Skype: imagineecuador

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Casa Blanca Hotel in Banos | Spa service

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Casa Blanca Hotel, Banos.

Casa Blanca Hotel, Banos Tungurahua.

This is a nice hotel located just two blocks away from Banos main Bus Station commonly know as, El Terminal de Banos. Hotel Casa Blanca is easy to spot since it is a 4 stories building with capacity for over 80 guests.


Hotel Casa Blanca Banos

The administrator Ms. Mariela Reyes is very kind and friendly with tourists since she holds a degree in Tourism Administration she knows how to treat theri customers to the top of their spectations.

Casa Blanca Hotel looks clean and neat, they offer healthy breakfasts and a nice and cheap souveniers shop next to the hotel main door. Personally I like the Spa with covered pool and the quiet rooms, some of them offering a nice view of the city and the Tungurahua volcano depending on the weather conditions. Staying at Casa Blanca Hotel can be a very rewarding experience for your pocket too, since they can suit a big variety of budgets.

Reliable Administration. The administration of the hotel takes special care about the hotel safety and keeping a relaxed and quiet environment, helping you to enjoy a nice experience, the hotel owners and administrators are a local family that has lived in Banos city for several decades so they are honest people you can trust, think of an emergency or with your persnal belongings or special needs.

The Hotel location:

This is something I loved, it is close to all the ammenities while still sitting in a safe and quiet block, the hotel is big enough so there it never gets crowded or too busy.

Casa Blanca Hotel información en Español.

Some Complimentary Services are:

  • 33 Comfortable rooms
  • Private bath on every room
  • Coffee Shop
  • SPA, sauna, Steam baths, and hydro pool.
  • Laundry service
  • Gift shop
  • Storage Service
  • Garage
  • Private Tours in and around Banos.
  • Casa Blanca Hotel Good reviews.
Hotel Casa Blanca Room

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Jardines de Chamana Banos | Chamana Gardens rural Hotel

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Jardines de Chamana

Jardines de Chamana

Banos Spa and Rural Hotel.

Jardines de Chamana Spa is located right across the Chamana waterfalls, the place is perfect for relaxing in incredible and charming natural enviroment, it is considered by the locals as a energizing spot. Chamana word comes from the quechua word that means, man that can talk to the gods and heal, also the Chaman can use herbs and plants to cure.

Jardines de Chamana is a beautiful location where to rest and spend some night relaxing and enjoying the beautiful weather. It is very peaceful around Chamana hotel here, but full of traditions and cultural experiences.

Jardines de Chamana

Jardines de Chamana Hotel offers:


Enjoy their comfortable suites, enjoy the relaxed atmosphere, wake up every morning with the songs that wild birds will sing for you in the gardens.Ah and do not forget the tranquile sound of the waterfall in the background.

They offer simple rooms, doubles and triples, also Cabins are available for families. Private bathroom, every room also include, an LCD TV, Satellite TV, Internet – WiFi.


Our Chef at Jardines de Chamana Banos, can certainly suit all your culinary spectations and desires, from typical national Ecuadorean food to international dishes made of fresh ingredients. Special menus can be arranged for big groups also.


Our Bar and Pub offers excellent beer and cocktails, also Karaoke, Pool table, ping pong table and cards game table. with a warm fire in the room.


Panorámic view of Llangantes national park and the Tungurahua volcano. Projector, Seminary kit, wifi and every other conference need will be covered. Special discounts for groups.


For children we offer a unique Tree house and balls pool plus gardens and nice views where to relax and play.


  1. Spa and Massages
  2. Gym with panoramic view.
  3. Garden paths, walk surrounded by orchids, local plants, and cactus trees. also flowers and beautiful birds.
  4. Live shows (with fire) dancing night, and more.
  5. Tours in and around Baños.
  6. Special packages. Talk to us about your needs.
  7. Seminar, conference organization and support.

Do not hesitate to contact Jardines de Chamana hostel us:

Jardines de Chamana Banos
& Reseva Ecológica Gallo de la Peña

Vía Ulba km. 2 sector Chamana
Baños – Ecuador
Tel : + 593 3 2742 107

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Spa Garden El Refugio Information in English about Spa Ecuador

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Spa Garden El Refugio. Spa Ecuador

We were glad to visit and enjoy Spa garden “El Refugio” en Banos. The place means “The refuge” in English. The project grew fast and now is the best spa in the city a lot of national and international tourists visit and enjoy the services they offer. The look and feel is unique the manager is a very nice person and the personnel is very diligent in satisfying your requests and needs.


The spa was born as an initiative by Ms. María Augusta Muñoz and soon became one of the country best Spas. They offer a large variety of natural treatments from steam baths to herbs teas and professional massages, the place is surrounded by magnificent and large walking areas and gardens.

We are an Ecological unique Spa Ecuador that offers alternative therapies. We treat you as a whole person: mind, body and spirit in a space of 80 thousand meters of fruit orchards, flower gardens and ecological trails that pass between plants, flowers, natural springs, pure air, contact with mother nature and warm reception from the staff.  All of these we use help the clients to release the stress that they carry.  We have various services which help you to enjoy the peace and tranquility. The prices start at 6 dollars only and rise from there depending upon the services received.  We are available from seven in the morning until the evening.  We offer a personalized and friendly service.  Using the services of the Spa Garden is not an expense. Instead it is an investment in your health.

  • How to get there: The faster and easier way to arrive to our Spa is by asking any local taxi driver (yellow cabs) to take you to Spa El Refugio on the way to Puyo. Taxi fee wont be over $1.50 usd at Nov 2011. It takes 7 minutes to arrive from Banos down town to the Spa.
  • USE COUPON: BANOSECUADOR5 to Get a 5% Discount when you visit Spa Garden el Refugio
  • Their website is: www.spaecuador.info

Read this article in Spanish


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Quilombo Restaurant – Argentinian Grill

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Quilombo Restaurant Argentinian Grill.

Quilombo Restaurant started in Banos in 2002 by an Argentinian Chef rapidly became one of the best culinary options that Baños has to offer, specially when it comes to grilled meats and BBQ style dishes with that characteristic and famous Argentinian style and flavor.

Quilombo History: Quilombo Restaurant was created right after the massive return of the city population because of a forced evacuation that lasted 1 1/2 years ordered by the authorities of Ecuador and Banos due to risky activity of the well known Tungurahua volcano and the possibility of affecting the city if an eruption where to take place at that time. Kilombo is out of any doubt one of the best restaurants in banos, so why don’t you just give it a go and try some delicious Parrillada Argentina in Ecuador!

Quilombo Restaurant? What does Quilombo means?

Quilombo is a word used in Spanish language that has several meanings but some of the best known are for example: The word Quilombo in ancient times was used in Brazil to denote a place where the slaves took control and fought for their freedom. The word Quilombo also refers to a big mixture of things or people, also emotions or intense emotions.

This is how Quilombo Restaurant started finding, rescuing and discovering latin American flavors and putting them on the grill. Step by step the Argentinian style to grill meats was incorporated, every possible ingredient coming from our mixed dark America has been used by our chefs. All this characteristics make of Quilombo your restaurant that special place that meat and grill connoisseurs enjoy every time they visit us.

Quilombo Restaurant Cuisine Top Mission.

At Quilombo we rescue what is different, we acknowledge the other, enjoy the happiness of sharing and exchanging experiences. Here you will be given the opportunity to be different and unique.

quilombo parrilladas argentinas ecuador

  •  Some of Quilombo Famous Dishes are:

CHULETA Y COPIA –  (Copied Chop)

Eating this plate is always a luxury, specially if it comes with our quilombero side extras. Ah and the copy is just as good as the original.
COSTILLAS DE EVA AL ESTILO DE ADAN (Eve’s ribs made on Adan’s style)

If you want to know what Paradise tasted like, try these.
PECHUGA SEDUCTORA (Seductive breast)

Not because it is chicken breast, pleasure is less. By the way we will add delicious grilled potatoes to it.
PECHUGA MENDOCINA (Breast from Mendoza)

Stuffed with fresh grapes, cooked with champagne and mango juice.
LOMAS Y LOMOS (Hills and Backs)

Here Banos city adds the hillsand we the big backs and loins.
PARRILLA QUILOMBO ( Quilombo Full BBQ plate.)
Lust made meat. If you are worried about your weight share it with a friend and even when we know we could add more meat to it,it is enough for us to make sure you don’t turn into a vegetarian.

If you want to keep up with the story and be part of it just come to our place, we will be happy to serve you and talk to you.

Quilombo, parrilla, caribe y pampa.

If you visited Quilombo Restaurant in Baños please leave you Review and Rating below. Thanks!

Please feel free to Rate Quilombo Restaurant cuisine at the bottom of this page, thanks!

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Chimenea Hostel

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chimenea hostel main two stories building

Chimenea Hostel

Chimenea Hostel, locally known as Hostal Chimenea, offers rooms of good size with table and chair, a bedside table with a lamp, balconies, private bathroom with hot water, and convenient shelves, and hangers, and of course a comfortable bed. From the balcony you could see the waterfall near the Hostel too. Our prices are very affordable. Breakfast is offered at the rooftop cafe. The hostel is managed by its owners, the hotel has been awarded by trip advisor as one of the best hostels in the city. Foreign tourists tend to prefer this place so if you are looking to make new friends that same as you just love to travel and explore around, this is the place to visit out of any doubt.

Chimenea Hostel services

Rooms are clean and well illuminated. They offer the open bar and coffe shop system, where every guest just signs on the list and pays when the check out. Near the lobby we have set computers that you could use for free. WiFi is also available. We do also offer a book exchange. There is laundry service available as well. Spa Services are also available, just ask in the hostel lobby.

Manager: Mr. Carlos Palate
Address: Luis A. Martinez y Rafael Vieira 
Telphers: 032742725 
Fax: 032740830 
Baños - Tungurahua - Ecuador


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La Posada del Arte Hostel

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posada external view, yellow walls and nice big brown windows

La Posada del Arte Hostel.

Our hostel is also a showcase for Ecuadorian painters. We have over 50 works, including several masters as Witman Walsaqui, Alberto Soriano, Galo Chavez, and Jose Sanchez. We also represent local Baños artist Jaime Perez. The presence of these fine works sets the tone for the overall ambiance, which, according to comments by our guests, is tasteful, friendly and cozy.

Our sala encourages guests to relax, read, listen to music, or enjoy a crackling fire. From among the plants beneath the third floor skylight can be heard the gentle rush of the waterfall, which tumbles from the mountains just a half block away.

posada del arte banos
Hostel La Posada del Arte

Hostel La Posada del Arte

Offers accomodations and dining services to travelers in the town of Baños, in the Sierra region of Ecuador. We have established an international reputation for the quality of our service, cuisine, and ambiance. We have 15 rooms. Nine of them are in La Posada “Classic,” the original hotel on the site. Six are in our new addition: 

The Blue House

On the same property, separated by a garden and patio. All rooms are decorated with original Ecuadorian art, and have private baths with hot water all hours. No rooms have television. The quality of accommodations in the Blue House equals or exceeds that of the original 9 rooms.

The Blue House

 La Posada del Arte Restaurant:

We are well-known for our full breakfasts which include American-style coffee, fresh fruit juices, fruit salads, pancakes, omelettes, and our famous, proprietary “miel de pasion.” For lunch and dinner we offer traditional Ecuadorian dishes such as locros and trout, as well as international plates, including curries and pasta dishes. We also serve a wide range of vegetarian dishes. New dishes are introduced on a regular basis as “Specials of the Day.”

posada del arte banos
La Posada del Arte, Restaurant

We look forward to your visit!

Manager: Marshia Jackson

Read recent reviews about La Posada del Arte here or leave yours!


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Ecuador ranked top nation for U.S., Canadian retirees

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By Patricia Reaney (Reuters)

NEW YORK | Thu Jan 3, 2013 5:22pm EST

NEW YORK (Reuters) – With its low cost of living, balmy climate and cheap property prices, Ecuador has been ranked the top foreign retirement destination for North Americans for the fifth consecutive year.

The South American nation bordered by Colombia and Peru scored the highest marks in InternationalLiving.com’s annual ranking of the best places to retire.

With monthly estimated living expenses ranging from $900 to $1,400, Ecuador surpassed Panama, Malaysia, Mexico and Costa Rica, which rounded out the top five countries.

“I think the combination of a welcoming culture, the great weather, the affordability and its proximity to the United States all go together to make it a good package,” Dan Prescher, the special projects editor for the website, said on Thursday.

“Panama has a lot of the same things going for it, but it isn’t quite as affordable as Ecuador,” he added in an interview.

Editors at InternationalLiving.com analyzed data and information from correspondents in the countries most popular with American and Canadian retirees to compile the results, which were based on a host of categories: cost of living, climate, property prices, healthcare, ease of integration, retirement infrastructure, entertainment and amenities and special benefits for retirees.

A large part of Ecuador’s appeal is how inexpensive it is for retirees. A beer costs just 85 cents. A doctor’s visit is $25, roughly the same price as a one-hour massage.

“Seniors resident in Ecuador qualify for half-price entertainment and local transport, discounted airfares and refunds of sales tax,” Prescher added.

Panama, which came in a close second, won praise for its pensioner visa, which speeds up residency, retiree discounts on medicines, entertainment and restaurants, and its friendly people.

Malaysia, the only Asian country to make the top five, drew retirees to its shores with its tropical climate, low cost of living and cheap rents, similar factors that boosted Mexico and Costa Rica’s appeal to retirees.

American retirees destination

Most of the better countries for retirees were Spanish speaking, including Uruguay, Colombia and Spain. Thailand, which placed ninth, was the only other Asian nation to make the top ten, thanks to its affordability, exotic locales and outdoor lifestyle.

Although the language may differ, Prescher said retirees adapt easily because they usually choose a country with a culture familiar to them.

“Most people know or can learn enough Spanish to get along,” he added.

Malta squeezed in at No. 10, winning points for its very low crime rate, Mediterranean climate and abundance of English speakers. English is the second language of Malta, which is a European Union member.

Ireland, France, Portugal and Italy were other EU nations that made the ranking of 22 countries, along with the Philippines and New Zealand, which scored the worst for the cost of living, along with France, but ranked high for integration.

“The places that have been popular with expats for the last five to 10 years tend to stay in the rankings unless something drastic happens, a big political or economic change,” Prescher explained.

(Editing by Chris Michaud and Tim Dobbyn)

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Update: Constant tremors in and over Tungurahua volcano | December 17

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Volcano Update: Constant tremors in and over

Tungurahua volcano

December 17, 2012

During the morning there has been a constant column with moderate emission of ash loading reaches 2 km above the volcano’s summit, heading to the north-east. Associated with this activity is reported bellows generating moderate to high intensity, causing the vibration of windows in towns near the volcano. There have been reports of minor ash falls but constant Cusua sectors, Ulba and Guadalupe.

Tungurahua volcano.

volcan tungurahua

Picture thermal area Tungurahua volcano, taken at 08:00 (local time) of 17 December 2012. Source and details prepared by: S. Vallejo – IGEPN.
They keep explosions and roars in Tungurahua volcano.

Remain explosions and roars in Tungurahua volcano

December 17, 2012

Seismic activity of the volcano remains at a level considered high, characterized by the generation of signals associated with the mobilization of fluids into the volcano. During last night, early this morning and there have been several explosions that have generated strong guns, interspersed with occasional roars of strong intensity. These noises, howls and gunfire vibration caused windows in areas surrounding the volcano.

volcan tungurahua
At dawn today and associated with explosions, we observed the expulsion of incandescent blocks that hit the top of the flanks.
In the morning there is the constant presence of a column of gas and vapor and about 1 km high in the direction of movement to the north-east and east. At around 22h40 (local time) yesterday received reports of ash falling slightly in the bathrooms.


Source; Geophysical Institute


National Polytechnic

07:20 (local time)

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Steak House Bambu | English

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Steak House Bambu.

This place left a very good impression. We had long desired to find a restaurant where the owner will show open, friendly and attentive to their guests, let me tell you that this is the right place everything here is special and personalized.

Ecuadorian Steak barbecue Bamboo House is a place to enjoy fine international cuisine, they offer excellent steaks and roasts, as well as domestic and imported drinks, their fresh salads are also very good. The place is nice and cozy, and offers good music.

Eating is a pleasure and eating well is a great way to enjoy your travels, even life itself. All this experience depends on finding the right place where to eat well, that is why, websites like us exist to guide individuals and tourists on where and what to eat. Enjoy a real culinary experience.

Getting to Bambu Steak House restaurant and grill.

The restaurant is located near the center of the city, surrounded by craft shops and other commercial places. They serve your meals very well and  in a very reasonable time so if you want take a look at this place.

Above all along the great taste of the food, prices promise not to break your budget, especially if you’re exploring Ecuador, or even better traveling in South America, you can save here. So without much trouble we assure you some of the best steaks in the Ecuadorian highlands, at fair prices and with very good direct care of their owners.

Grilled steak restaurant

Remember, if you were at Steak House Bambu, do not forget to leave us your comments and star ratings at the end of this page, it helps us all to make a better tourist destination for you and for all, here.

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