Marco Polo Language Center

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Marco Polo Language Center also known as:

Centro de Idiomas Marco Polo.

This is a warm and quiet place where to learn several languages in one single place. Spanish for foreigners and visitors is always available in the scheduled classes. Just contact them and ask them to book you in their next class. This is a smart way to make new friends, enjoy the School outings and get involved into the local culture of Baños in no time.

Studying a new language abroad can be a very exciting and rewarding activity since it will open the doors for future adventures and a sea of knowledge and experiences you never even dreamed possible before

Learn the language studying with native teachers.

  • Italian
  • Kichwa (Quichua)
  • English (English Tourist and Business English)
  • Spanish
  • German
  • French

Feel free to contact them regarding all your language needs, we will be glad to help. Read more about Marco Polo here.

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