Quilombo Restaurant – Argentinian Grill

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Quilombo Restaurant Argentinian Grill.

Quilombo Restaurant started in Banos in 2002 by an Argentinian Chef rapidly became one of the best culinary options that Baños has to offer, specially when it comes to grilled meats and BBQ style dishes with that characteristic and famous Argentinian style and flavor.

Quilombo History: Quilombo Restaurant was created right after the massive return of the city population because of a forced evacuation that lasted 1 1/2 years ordered by the authorities of Ecuador and Banos due to risky activity of the well known Tungurahua volcano and the possibility of affecting the city if an eruption where to take place at that time. Kilombo is out of any doubt one of the best restaurants in banos, so why don’t you just give it a go and try some delicious Parrillada Argentina in Ecuador!

Quilombo Restaurant? What does Quilombo means?

Quilombo is a word used in Spanish language that has several meanings but some of the best known are for example: The word Quilombo in ancient times was used in Brazil to denote a place where the slaves took control and fought for their freedom. The word Quilombo also refers to a big mixture of things or people, also emotions or intense emotions.

This is how Quilombo Restaurant started finding, rescuing and discovering latin American flavors and putting them on the grill. Step by step the Argentinian style to grill meats was incorporated, every possible ingredient coming from our mixed dark America has been used by our chefs. All this characteristics make of Quilombo your restaurant that special place that meat and grill connoisseurs enjoy every time they visit us.

Quilombo Restaurant Cuisine Top Mission.

At Quilombo we rescue what is different, we acknowledge the other, enjoy the happiness of sharing and exchanging experiences. Here you will be given the opportunity to be different and unique.

quilombo parrilladas argentinas ecuador

  •  Some of Quilombo Famous Dishes are:

CHULETA Y COPIA –  (Copied Chop)

Eating this plate is always a luxury, specially if it comes with our quilombero side extras. Ah and the copy is just as good as the original.
COSTILLAS DE EVA AL ESTILO DE ADAN (Eve’s ribs made on Adan’s style)

If you want to know what Paradise tasted like, try these.
PECHUGA SEDUCTORA (Seductive breast)

Not because it is chicken breast, pleasure is less. By the way we will add delicious grilled potatoes to it.
PECHUGA MENDOCINA (Breast from Mendoza)

Stuffed with fresh grapes, cooked with champagne and mango juice.
LOMAS Y LOMOS (Hills and Backs)

Here Banos city adds the hillsand we the big backs and loins.
PARRILLA QUILOMBO ( Quilombo Full BBQ plate.)
Lust made meat. If you are worried about your weight share it with a friend and even when we know we could add more meat to it,it is enough for us to make sure you don’t turn into a vegetarian.

If you want to keep up with the story and be part of it just come to our place, we will be happy to serve you and talk to you.

Quilombo, parrilla, caribe y pampa.

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La Posada del Arte Hostel

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posada external view, yellow walls and nice big brown windows

La Posada del Arte Hostel.

Our hostel is also a showcase for Ecuadorian painters. We have over 50 works, including several masters as Witman Walsaqui, Alberto Soriano, Galo Chavez, and Jose Sanchez. We also represent local Baños artist Jaime Perez. The presence of these fine works sets the tone for the overall ambiance, which, according to comments by our guests, is tasteful, friendly and cozy.

Our sala encourages guests to relax, read, listen to music, or enjoy a crackling fire. From among the plants beneath the third floor skylight can be heard the gentle rush of the waterfall, which tumbles from the mountains just a half block away.

posada del arte banos
Hostel La Posada del Arte

Hostel La Posada del Arte

Offers accomodations and dining services to travelers in the town of Baños, in the Sierra region of Ecuador. We have established an international reputation for the quality of our service, cuisine, and ambiance. We have 15 rooms. Nine of them are in La Posada “Classic,” the original hotel on the site. Six are in our new addition: 

The Blue House

On the same property, separated by a garden and patio. All rooms are decorated with original Ecuadorian art, and have private baths with hot water all hours. No rooms have television. The quality of accommodations in the Blue House equals or exceeds that of the original 9 rooms.

The Blue House

 La Posada del Arte Restaurant:

We are well-known for our full breakfasts which include American-style coffee, fresh fruit juices, fruit salads, pancakes, omelettes, and our famous, proprietary “miel de pasion.” For lunch and dinner we offer traditional Ecuadorian dishes such as locros and trout, as well as international plates, including curries and pasta dishes. We also serve a wide range of vegetarian dishes. New dishes are introduced on a regular basis as “Specials of the Day.”

posada del arte banos
La Posada del Arte, Restaurant

We look forward to your visit!

Manager: Marshia Jackson

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Meeting Point Coffee Shop

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Meeting Point Coffee Shop

We visited Meeting Point Cafe and we like the place. I found the place to be unique and very interesting, the place breaths its own personality and taste the Menu is unique but tasty. Here in beautiful Baños, out of the variety of places and options when it comes to eat, this place is an outstanding one.

Meeting Point Coffee shop offers delicious, fresh and organic dishes made using seasonal and locally grown ingredients a must taste for foreigners looking for interesting cuisine and food adventures around Ecuador. It is important to mention that here the Chef makes sure your food is healthy and delicious every time, they cook every plate with olive oil so make sure to mention they do not do that of you prefer your dish prepared in a different way.

One of the best Cafes in Banos!

You can sit at Meeting Point coffee shop for a full meal or just for breakfast or a coffee, use their WiFi connection to get in touch with friends and family for free while enjoying a nice talk as well with Meeting Point chef and owner.  This Cafe is located in the same street where most of the best bars and pubs are located, in the night if you are looking for a more quiet but still active place to talk to your new local or foreign friends for example, we strongly suggest Meeting Point Cafe in Banos Ecuador!

Some additional details that you should know about Meeting Point Coffee Shop in Banos are:

meeting point coffee shop

Meeting Point Coffee Shop in Baños Ecuador.

  • Meeting point for travelers
  • Food at home with filtered water (purified)
  • We cook with imported products and olive oil
  • Affordable prices always
  • Internet WiFi, access
  • Good Coffee and Selected Music
  • We speak three languages.

baked chicken with rice olives and beans

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Pappardelle Ristorante | Italian Food

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pizzza place logo: a chef hat and a pizza piece

Pappardelle Ristorante.

Pappardelle Ristorante, Italian food. From the first moment there you will feel a warm environment but also the sense of exclusivity that only restaurants with the best service can offer. A waiter will quickly welcome you and help you finding a comfortable table that will suit your needs. get ready then to try some of the best Italian food you would possibly ever taste here in Ecuador.


Italian food

The restaurant accounts a long tradition locally but also internationally since his very owner cooked internationally for several years at very exclusive restaurants around the world before moving back to Baños. Countries the Chef got experience from are: Italy, Germany, USA, and Spain.

Logo Small Pappardelle Ristorante Banos Ecuador

Improvement and out of the box thinking without loosing its classic style has been one of the key factors of Pappardelle success through the years, before this place was also known as Buon Giorno.

  • When to go?

Basically if you feel like trying or having a real Italian Pizza or a Lasagna go with them.

  • Budget?

Prices are competitive even for those i a budget do not get fooled by the nice facade. Quality and environment surpasses most of the local restaurants in town. Pappardelle is a national referent nowadays in terms of innovation, decoration and good taste.

Italian food

  • Suggested Menú:
  1. Pizza, Lasagna and Imported talian Pasta.
  2. Shrimps
  3. Vegetarian dishes
  4. Filet Mignon
  5.  Chicken
  6. Trout (Fresh and locally harvested)
  7. More specialties and Wines.

Pappardelle Ristorante is highly recommended on this famous Travel Guides:

  • Michael Müller Verlag
  • South American Handbook
  • Reise Know How
  • Let’s Go
  • Lonely Planet
  • Richtig Reisen (DuMont)


  • To learn more or contact Pappardelle, Click here.
  • Trip Advisor. Restaurante Pappardelle Baños
  • Visit Pappardelle Ristorante also in Cuenca Ecuador.

    • Address: Remigio Crespo 3-11 y Agustín Cueva. | Cuenca, Pappardelle Ristorante.


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