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Centro de Idiomas Marco Polo

“Centro de Idiomas Marco Polo”

El Centro de Idiomas Marco Polo es regentado por una gentil italiana y su esposo, el lugar es cálido y las clases ofrecidas dinámicas y muy efectivas. Desde hace ya varios años muchas personas locales y extranjeras han mejorado su conocimiento de un idioma con esta escuela.

El lugar esta ubicado cerca del centro de la ciudad y posee instalaciones bien iluminadas y comodas. Los cursos dictados abarcan varias lenguas y con toda seguridad en muy poco tiempo usted podría estar hablando un nuevo idioma si persiste en su deseo de aprender y persiste en sus clases.

Hay varios institutos de idiomas en la ciudad y algunos otros igual que Marco Polo ofrecen cursos de español para extranjeros, pero nos gusta Marco Polo por su ambiente  informal y amigable, asi como por la alta calidad de sus maestros y clases ofrecidas.

Si deseas estudiar o aprender Inglés conversa con ellos!

Lista de idiomas Ofertados: que el estudiante puede elegir estudiar:

  • Italiano
  • Kichwa (Quichua)
  • Inglés ( Turístico y de Negocios)
  • Spanish (Español)
  • Alemán
  • Frances

Manager: Giulia Gallotta
Dirección: Rocafuerte y Maldonado
Celular: 094995161
e-mail: cimarcopolo@hotmail.com

Sientase libre de contactarlos sobre sus necesidades en temas de lenguas e idiomas, etc

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13 Revisiones | Reviews

  1. Nicky and Arron, 5 años hace

    My partner and I (both from New Zealand) took several private lessons here over the course of 9 days. It was my partner’s first time learning a new language (right from the basics) however I had already learnt entry level spanish at uni several years ago, and so I was initially concerned they would not be able to cater for our different levels. However all my worries were dispersed when we first met Giulia. She was extremely friendly and accommodating, and our teacher (Edwin) was a lovely humourous guy with endless patience. We had a great time learning about each other’s cultures as well as significantly improving our Spanish in the small time we had. Materials were provided, teas and coffees, and even homework (if you wanted it!). Considering we both received private lessons, Giulia’s prices were great value for money compared to around town. Thanks Marco Polo, we had a great time!

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  2. Donna, 4 años hace

    I have lived in Banos off and on for almost three years, and have taken Spanish lessons from several different schools/teachers here – usually getting discouraged and losing motivation after two or three weeks – and then waiting for some time before trying again with another teacher. Well I’ve made it twice that long so far with Guilia,- and I think she’s a keeper! She knows the languages, enjoys teaching them, and is always well prepared for class – even when I’m not. She acts as if we are in this together, which helps to keep me motivated to continue with this very large endeavor. Highly recommended!

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  3. Jonathan, 4 años hace

    I was merely visiting Banos for the day, when I literally ran into Giulia at the front door to the Marco Polo language center. As I toured the center with her, she explained the theme of that week would be environmental discussion and vocabulary topics. With my beginning/intermediate level of Spanish, I was immediately recruited! I ended-up staying in Banos for the next three days, taking 3-hour intensive Spanish courses each morning, ending with a series of interviews, coordinated by Giulia, with local environmentally-minded members of the Banos community. I enjoyed my time at the center, and really appreciated Giulia as an outstanding teacher, taking on the difficult task of Spanish grammar. She made this difficult task both lively and fun (verb tenses including: presente, preterito indefinido & imperfecto). I highly recommend Giulia as a well prepared professional teacher, for all Spanish student levels of language learning.

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  4. Ariana, 4 años hace

    Me encanta el Italiano y tuve la oportunidad de asistir a algunas lecciones con Giulia, es una excelente profesora, facilita mucho el aprendizaje además de ser muy preparada.
    Espero volver pronto.

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  5. 876498856, 4 años hace

    I came to banos and after travelling for some weeks in south america I decided it would be good to learn some spanish but was not sure how many classes or indeed where to start.

    I met Giulia, and she was extremely friendly, flexible about the classes, and was clear on what I needed to learn.
    Its really relaxed, you will learn alot and its not expensive either. If I had more weeks in Banos I would have done more classes

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  6. Miranda, 4 años hace

    My boyfriend and I spent 3 days in Banos, and for 2 of those days we studied Spanish with Giulia. We really really wish we could have spent more time. Not only is she a brilliant teacher and therefore our Spanish began improving, but she is also lovely to spend your time with.
    So I highly recommend both Banos as a charming, pretty and easy going town to spend several days in, and Giulia’s Marco Polo as a productive, educational and fun was to spend your mornings or afternoons.
    Thank you Giulia!

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  7. Carla, 4 años hace

    I did a 7 day Spanish course in Marco Polo and enjoyed it immensely! Giulia was the perfect teacher – enthusiastic, patient and competent.

    The classes were interactive and exciting, as you learn Spanish in and out of the classroom. We spent some of our classes in a cafe, at the locket market and at a restaurant. Therefore, we were able to practice ordering food and asking questions in spanish in a real life situation.

    I found the course very worthwhile and my Spanish improved a lot. Giulia gives you the confidence and encouragement to speak and practice your Spanish while also introducing you to the culture in Banos.

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  8. Matt P, 4 años hace

    I spent two weeks with Giulia and had a ball! I came as a complete beginner and did one week of intensive lessons (3 hours a day and covering a lot of general grammar but in a flowing and spontaneous way) and another week of private lessons. She was so patient, understanding and helpful.

    The thing i loved most of all was that she is not just there for the money like other schools. She actually cares about fostering your individual learning journey and i honestly can’t speak more highly of her.

    Thanks again Giulia and to all future students, enjoy!


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  9. Matt P, 4 años hace

    Sorry, meant to leave 5 stars above but message sent before i could.

    Thanks again,


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  10. Brett, 4 años hace

    I did 2 weeks of spanish lessons with Guilia which has helped my spanish immensely. She is a very patient teacher that is always positive with you, even when you keep making the same mistakes.

    The class style is very fluid and condusive to the students needs and style of learning. And she changes the content to the students needs and desires for learning. It is more of a talking and interactive format rather than just book excercises that can get boring. Time can be spent in a class room or out in town where you can interact with other spanish speakers.

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  11. Austin Broadwell Jr, 4 años hace

    Although I was able to take only four classes I enjoyed the classes a great deal. I think Giulia is an excellent teacher who makes her classes fun and interesting. I appreciated her enthusiasm, class preparation, and patience. A two hour class session and an hour interacting with the citizens in the city make for an excellent way to learn.

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  12. benjamin bostock, 4 años hace

    this is by far the most affordable and extremely enjoyable language class i have ever taken. i participated in the class for only the week but found the teacher to be very enthusiastic and soo interested in helping me improve my spanish. Giulia makes the class fun and is always trying to change structure of the lessons so they don’t get boring. the idea of being able to go have conversations with the teacher and her friends after you learn some theory is an excellent idea which really makes u feel more confident. thankyou for this experience. i wish i had more time
    benjamin bostock australia

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  13. jordan chango, 3 años hace

    queria saber si a como sabado y domingo
    pues estudio y vivo en el chaco napo ecuador

    si me podria ayudar respondiendome

    y toy mui entusiasmado pues si quisiera aprender y me gusta el ingles mucho

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