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Hostal Casa Matilde

Hostel Casa Matilde.

We visited Hostal Casa Matilde and it came as a nice and clean place where to stay in Baños. The Hostel is managed by their owners and they are very charming adult people. They do not open the Hostel to everybody in fact they close the Hostel doors after 12 pm everyday, so if you stay until night in the cvity you may find the door locked. You can always of course let the Managers know that you are arriving late and an hour must be specified and they will wait for you. Sounds different but this keep the place safe and pleasant for everyone.

The hostel was designed and thought for Families visiting Banos and looking for a quiet and warm place where to stay while visiting the city. Their owners are very friendly and will try their best to help you under any circumstances.

This is the ideal place for relaxed people on a budget and families looking for a peaceful hostel where to stay on vacation for example. Hostel Casa Matilde is definitely not the right place for the late night, beer and partying lovers, the hostel managers look forward to keep their reputation as a not noisy place, with a clean and nice looking environment. This place is ideal for travel buys executives for example.

If you stayed at Hostel Casa Matilde please feel free to leave your Rating and review below.

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