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The best Hotels and Hostels in Banos Ecuador

Top Banos Hotels and Hostels

If you are planning to visit the city of Banos in Ecuador you will find that, same as in any other trip you have planned before, finding the right hotel or hostel where to stay during your next vacation or exploring trip around South America is a key for you to enjoy your activities and accomplish all your previously set goals and interests. When it is about visiting Banos Ecuador, the big majority of tourists coming to the city have been somehow referred by other tourists that have previously visited the city of  Banos and just loved the place. The city atmosphere is unique and something that really attract people here is the huge variety of activities that people can enjoy here.

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Banos hotels and hostels ancient tradition.

Genreally speaking Banos has a long tradition of serving visitors, in fact almost every tourist business in the city can offer at least one or two generations of experienced Hoteliers in the family, so the city lives of tourism and they value every visitor from the typical candy seller in the streets to the nice 3 or 4 stars Hotel sitting just around any corner. This mere serving others attitude in this tiny town of Ecuador is something that budget travelers from all over the world just love about Banos. In Banos hotels and hostels are mainly located around the main boulevard but a lot of other nice rural hotels for example also known as Hosterias are spread all around the city surroundings. Some very nice Hosterias are also located near the towns of Rio Verde or Rio Negro and even Pelileo and Patate. We suggest you do not boo a long stay with just one place but rather go for a few nights to one hostel or hotel and then move to another Hotel you have just found, the experience might be well rewarded in terms of getting extra services and even saving some money in the process.

Banos hotels and hostels useful reviews.

In a few words I can assure you then that very probably the best Banos hotels and hostels are not necessarily those featured in the famous travel guides or those that can afford expensive advertising campaigns on big name travel magazines and websites but the best Banos hotels and hostels are those nice well managed places that you can discover while walking around the city or talking to people who have been there before and have seen and experienced the city tourist services before. Our website offers several Hotel Categories where the rating option for every tourist is offered, here previous customers rate any place with a comment and five stars if deserved, all reviews are previously verified and approved by our community manager in a daily basis, so only real honest reviews are approved. We are sure that this feature alone can save you a lot of time and potential headaches in your search for the best Banos hotels and hostels.

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