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Update: Constant tremors in and over Tungurahua volcano | December 17

Volcano Update: Constant tremors in and over

Tungurahua volcano

December 17, 2012

During the morning there has been a constant column with moderate emission of ash loading reaches 2 km above the volcano’s summit, heading to the north-east. Associated with this activity is reported bellows generating moderate to high intensity, causing the vibration of windows in towns near the volcano. There have been reports of minor ash falls but constant Cusua sectors, Ulba and Guadalupe.

Tungurahua volcano.

volcan tungurahua

Picture thermal area Tungurahua volcano, taken at 08:00 (local time) of 17 December 2012. Source and details prepared by: S. Vallejo – IGEPN.
They keep explosions and roars in Tungurahua volcano.

Remain explosions and roars in Tungurahua volcano

December 17, 2012

Seismic activity of the volcano remains at a level considered high, characterized by the generation of signals associated with the mobilization of fluids into the volcano. During last night, early this morning and there have been several explosions that have generated strong guns, interspersed with occasional roars of strong intensity. These noises, howls and gunfire vibration caused windows in areas surrounding the volcano.

volcan tungurahua
At dawn today and associated with explosions, we observed the expulsion of incandescent blocks that hit the top of the flanks.
In the morning there is the constant presence of a column of gas and vapor and about 1 km high in the direction of movement to the north-east and east. At around 22h40 (local time) yesterday received reports of ash falling slightly in the bathrooms.


Source; Geophysical Institute


National Polytechnic

07:20 (local time)

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