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Volcano Activity Report December 06

National Polytechnic School Geophysical Institute

Mr. José Rubén Orellana Campus
Section 2759 Phone: 2225-655 Fax: (593) -2-2567847 – www.igepn.edu.ec. Quito – Ecuador

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Last night the volcano remained clear and there was limited activity incandescence and Strombolian also today there were explosions rose up to 4 km above the level of the crater, contained medium to high medium and head north. Its permanently emission has a column of about 1 km, medium to low content of ash and NE direction. Ashfall was reported in the area of ​​Runtún. Rainfall were recorded but did not generate lahars. It is emphasized that the ravines and river flanks are sectors high risk around the volcano.


Seismicity: 5 explosions were recorded, 15 long-period events (LP) and 6 episodes of tremor emission.

Observations, and ash emissions: Last night, the volcano was clear and showed but with limited incandescent Strombolian activity. On the other hand bellows were heard light. Today there were two explosions, the first at 12h35 (TL), it is heard as a mild roar, produced a column of 4 km high ash and moderate load northward, the second at 13H19 (TL), generating a column of 3 km with emissions northward, moderate to heavy load of ash, this explosion was heard in the TSB. Of generally remains a pillar of emission of about 1 km above the crater medium to low content of ash and NE direction. Reported mild ashfall area Runtún

Rain and lahars: There were rains in the area of ​​the volcano, but these did not generate lahars.


• From rain in the area of ​​the volcano can remobilize flow deposits
pyroclastic and generate lahars. For this reason we recommend extreme care when driving on roads and highways that cross the streams for which they have dropped those streams and areas in times past have been affected by this type of phenomenon.

• For more information concerning aspects not related to scientific monitoring
volcanic activity, contact the Emergency Operations Committees of the
Provinces of Tungurahua and Chimborazo (cantonal and provincial COEs).

• To consult technical terms in this report, check the glossary at the Web page menu.

• This daily report will be issued at 15:00 (TL). In case of an increase or change in behavior of the volcano additionally be issued immediately and a report

15h00 (T.L.)

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