Bomberos de Banos

Banos Fireman Headquarters.

The Banos Firemen or Bomberos de Banos are highly specialized in rescue activities, assisting tourists and locals in all kind of emergencies around the area of Banos Ecuador. Feel free to keep their contact information handy at all times while you are visiting Banos they could literally save your life if facing any serious accident, or health problems, etc.

How to contact a los Bomberos de Banos or Banos Firemen?

The telephone number of the  Bomberos de Banos is: 03 2740 500 / write it down while visiting Banos, otherwise just type this Direct Firemen nationwide number:v911 or  102

When are the Bomberos de Banos available?

The Banos Firemen are available 24/7 all year around and 24 hours a day, feel free to phone them if you are facing any kind of emergency. The Policia de Banos contact information is also available here.

Los Bomberos de Banos are famous nationwide and even internationally for performing amazing acts of rescue in wild waters and high barely exsplored mountains and hill around Banos town, they had to work very hard to achieve the requiered Firemen standards despite the lack of resources and funding.

Nowadays the Bomberos de banos or Banos Firemen have several transport units and better equipment to assist local people and tourists facing almost any kind of emergency. Well done Bomberos de Banos real heroes literally in the middle of the world.

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