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When it comes to a destination that is offering natural diversity and endless fun, no other place can compare to Ecuador. With a strategic location to the north of South America and within easy access to the ocean and neighboring countries, Ecuador is currently one of the top tourist destinations for persons who traveling to South America. This diverse country is covered all over by beauty from the Pacific beaches, renowned Galápagos Islands, Amazon jungle to the snow covered volcanoes.

Even though it’s the second smallest country in this region, Equator has a lot of incredible attractions and activities for everyone. This destination is offering a rich culture and history for curious travelers and lots of outdoor adventures for pleasure seekers. If you are planning to visit Ecuador in the near future, you should definitely make plans to explore Banos.

Banos Travel Ecuador

We are updating this article by adding here this video about Baños, the vide in English is a very interesting addition for every English speaker who wants to visit and tour the city and surroundings.

Banos, also called the adventure capital, is currently the most popular destination in Ecuador. In recent years, backpackers and budget travelers have been traveling to this place from many different countries worldwide. Although this city is not the only place to visit in Ecuador, it’s certainly the hottest and most appealing destination for tourist today.

This city has a lot to offer in terms of activities and attractions, so there is something for everyone. It is the ideal spot for mountain tourism, walking tour and extreme sports. Some of the activities include trekking, hiking, rafting, canyoning, paragliding, mountain bikes, bungee jumping, horseback riding and jungle tours.

Accomodation services:

Another reason why this city is appealing to backpackers and budget travelers is because there are many hostels accommodations with low rates that everyone can afford. With an opportunity to spend less on accommodation, you can enjoy restaurants, tours, nightlife activities and many other attractions. Comfortable accommodations including 1 to 5 stars hotels is available here, as you can imagine, you will spend less to stay at one of the budget hotels with the lowest star rating. However, if you want to enjoy the luxury amenities at the 5 star hotels, you can find cheap deals and heavily discounted prices, especially during the low season.

Apart from being the preferred destination for backpackers, adventure-seekers and budget travelers, the city also appeals to third age tourists. Most of these tourists are drawn to this destination because it boasts famous attractions such as the magnificent Basilica Church; annual festivals with local bands; incredible waterfalls and thermal baths; active volcano sites and more. What is also fascinating about the place is that even though it is a major tourist destination, you can still experience the small town charm. This is why it’s considered one of the best places for persons to retire.

Overall, traveling through Ecuador has more than enough attractions and activities to appeal to everyone. Before leaving this amazing destination, you should try the international and local dishes at the popular restaurants.


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