Hotel Sangay

The Sangay Spa Hotel is located next to an impressive 80 meter waterfall and across the street from the most famous thermal baths in the City of Baños, which have stimulating health restoring properties.

Baños Tungurahua Ecuador, a thermal bath destination offers peace and quiet during week days, fun and plenty of activities On weekends.

Hotel Sangay offers the oldest hotelier tradition in Banos.

Our 70 years of experience delivering quality service to our customers make us the best option for lodging in one of the most important tourist destinations of Ecuador.

Hotel sangay external view near the waterfall

Hotel Sangay History:

Hotel Sangay was built as one of the first guest houses in Banos, now one of the oldest Banos Hotels. In 1933 the Hungarian Architect Babinsky reaches the city of Baños de Agua Santa and built what we now know as the Hotel Sangay, in front of the thermal pools and the waterfall named after The Baños Virgin.

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