MTS Adventure. Experience Canyoning like never before!

MTS Adventure is a well know tour operator in the city, we went and managed to talk to the agency owner and turned out to be a very warm and smart person but also a very experienced travel guide. MTS specializes in out of the box tours and activities that will definitely fill your body with adrenaline and precious memories and do not forget unique videos and pictures to share with your friends and relatives.

  • Some of the Activities they offer are listed and explained below:
  • Canyoning: This is the top activity offered by the agency they operate canyoning tours in and around the province all year around on their Facebook profile listed below they have shared lots of pictures from their oldest and most recent tours to the rivers surrounding the city of Banos.
  • Zip Line: Also know as canopy is basically being carried down the hill hanging on a metal rope for a few hundred meters. The experience is just amazing and with MTS Adventure and their licensed professional guides you will be safe at all times, rest assured.
  • Puenting: Also known as Bungee jumping is basically using a swing cord to jump from a bridge and feeling your nerves go cold as ice for a few seconds and then having your body burning with joy and excitement. This activity is not recommended for people with a weak heart, ill people, etc.
  • Go Kart: Rent cheap one of these beautiful looking cars and have a ride around the city or around the nearby communities and towns. helmets are provided and cars come equipped with all the security required for these cars. Experience something cool, drive independently around and go whenever you want to go or explore.
  • Parapente or Paraskiing: Have you ever dreamed to jump pf the edge of a mountain to open your arms and fly away in the sky? Well this activity is the closest experience to fly with your own wings, try it, film and take pictures from an Andean condor perspective
  • Jungle tours: The city is just one hour away from the Ecuadorian jungle, one experience that if you already got here you just can not miss. Seeing and living in the same Amazon jungle for a few days can become for sure one of these one in a lifetime experiences.
  • Tours to the Volcano: The Tungurahua volcano is nowadays one of the most active volcanoes in the American continent. Its eruptive process offers a show of fire works almost every night to the tourist brave enough to approach the mountain from a safe spot early in the morning or even better late at night. One single picture from here could make your tour all worth it.

banos canyoning

MTS Adventure, is the best option for you when it comes to extreme sports or adventure trips in Ecuador. Fore more information and pictures about MTS Adventure Click here.


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