Nativa Shop Banos Handicraft Shopping.

nativa shop artesanias banos

Nativa Shop Artesanias Banos is the place you should visit before you leave Banos in order to find the best gifts and souvenirs that you may want to take back home for all your beloved friends and relatives waiting for you to return from your South American experience. Nativa shop offers a very interesting selection of Ecuadorian handicrafts, most of these are hand made by Ecuadorian native and Banos local artisans who uses  Nativa Shop Artesanias Banos as its platform to sell and promote their best handwork and art.

Ecuadorian handicrafts handmade by Nativa Shop Artesanias Banos.

In Nativa Shop Artesanias Banos you will find a huge variety of products from leather to wooden made handicrafts including wool ponchos and silver objects. They also carry some unique hard to find and very collectible objects only available at their Nativa shop showroom only. Contact them today or visit their local, do not forget to mention you found them on and you may get a warmer welcome from them.


  • Megan Grosberg

    Hello! I was in Banos last September. I went to Nativa with my now fiancé and fell in love with the leather work. We bought a few bracelets and unfortunately my fiancé recently lost his favorite one. Im wondering If I can purchase another one via phone or internet? This would be a wedding gift so I would like to personalize it if possible? Can you ship to US? Thank you so much for your time!


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