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Dr. Fernando Ruiz, a well know dentist in the city is Odontofamily’s owner and has created over the years one of the best dental clinics in the city and very probably the whole region. Using top technology and in a very comfortable building, a second dental spa building will be open soon as well, you can rest assure that your dental needs will be professionally handled without breaking the bank. The whole staff working is professional and well trained staff they are used to work with foreigners and have handled several dental emergencies in the past, that because Baños is full of adventurous tourists trying a lot of extreme sports and sometimes accidents can happen. It is the when this resource will probe valuable for you or your travel partners.

  • Dental care on a budget

It is more clear and makes lot of sense to most tourists visiting Ecuador that having their dental needs handled here by local professionals is several times cheaper than what they would pay at their home countries. Why dental care is cheaper here is easy to explain: First, we do not have the very complex insurance system that most countries use, despite most Doctors will accept and honor well known international travel insurance companies, if you are facing an emergency, etc. Second: Living expenses are not so high, so the Doctors here still can afford a very nice decent live without actually needing a lot of money. Imagine something like USA 40 years ago when things were a lot easier and cheaper, well that’s is our reality here.

  • Dental surgery can you guys do it?

Yes, the clinic is perfectly equipped and the personnel and the Dentists working are all certified and have log experience performing a lot fo complex dental procedures when required. Just contact them and ask for a quote or set a date before you leave the city to have a dental evaluation.

  • Take action and save your teeth for cheap:

Dr. Fernando Ruiz has created one of the best dental Clinics in the Ecuador central region. They use the latest dental procedures and technologies available. The Clinic staff is highly trained and ready to treat a big variety of dental issues even dental emergencies can be handled at their clinic located in Banos Ecuador.

Odontofamily Dental clinic main policy is to satisfy their customers needs to the highest standards while offering at the same time a warm and specialized dental care for you or your beloved ones. Feel free to contact them so you can have your smile improved or rebuilt by our professional staff at Clínica Dental Odontofamily. More dental information here.

Clínica Dental Odontofamily, main Contact info:

Dr. Diego Fernando Ruiz
Dirección: Juan León Mera y Ambato

Baños, Tungurahua, Ecuador.

  • Telefono: 2741323
  • Celular: 098131396 / 084699200
  • E-mail:
  • Web:

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  • kathryn sandoval

    I was at the office in July,and consulted with the dentist, along with an interpreter. I said I would return in October to begin treatment. It has become necessary for me to return to Banos the first week of November, 2013. I am looking forward to starting treatment.
    will see you soon 🙂

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